Private FCS (Meditation) Prep

FCS (Family Court Services) Preparation

Private Mediation preparation​ takes place in a one-on-one meeting that helps you to either prepare for FCS (Family Court Services) = Mediation, OR to discuss alternatives to going to court.

I generally set up a time to meet with you for 1-2 hours by phone or in my Escondido office an evening or two prior to your mediation date. I request that you email me any pertinent information before our meeting in order to provide better guidance. During the session we go over:


  • What mediation is and how it will benefit you to be prepared.
  • How to dress and present yourself in a professional way.
  • General rules during mediation and what phrases to avoid/use.
  • How to state your concerns without making negative comments about the other party.
  • How to word your requests in a clear and compelling way.
  • How to answer to allegations, whether true or false.

I was motivated to start providing this service about ten years ago because of all the stories I heard from people about how terrible their mediation went. Time after time, I heard from clients who shared that the other party made false allegations, and in an effort to refute them, they themselves ended up looking or acting defensive and crazy, which negatively impacted the mediator’s recommendations. I use many effective tools so clients feel confident, aware, prepared and relaxed going in. The feedback I’ve gotten from clients is wonderful, and I provide evening and weekend hours to provide a session as close to your mediation date as possible, so all the skills are fresh in your mind.


My Philosophy

I believe that all children deserve love, attention, and nurturing – and that a safe environment and consistent parenting allows children to grow, learn, feel confident, and be happy. Parents are the most important teachers and role models a child will ever have. 

Parenting is wonderful, but can be complicated after a divorce. Whether you take our Parenting or Co-Parenting classes, you will be given all of the tools necessary to help you to be the best parent or co-parent ever! 

​​Dr. Heidi McLain, PhD

My fee is $150/hour. 


Contact Me

If you have any questions, please call me anytime from 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM